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About Mutt Stuff 

Mutt Stuff began when I was tired of not being able to find an adorable collar for my female English bulldog. I'd go to the store, only to find the same old collars sold everywhere. So one day I decided to make her a collar myself and thus began Mutt Stuff. I focus on bright, fun, and stylish patterns that really show off the personality of both the dog and the owner. All my collars and accessories are handmade by me. 
Mutt Stuff is located in Raleigh NC. When I'm not making collars you can find me volunteering at the Wake County Animal Center.  Both of my dogs Sweet Pea and Hank are senior dogs  who came from the shelter. Senior dogs have always been my favorite because they are eternally grateful for the love and care they receive from their owners.

Our Team

Meet the crew of Mutt Stuff 


Collar Maker 

Sweet Pea 




Our Team
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