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Side Release Collars

Side release collars are the most common collar used by pet owners.  Mutt Stuff uses only high quality hardware on all our collars.  Mutt Stuff creates these standard collars in fabric and ribbon in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large and allows you to choose your buckle; standard black plastic or you can upgrade to a metal buckle.


Martingale Collars are designed to prevent a dog from ‘backing out’ of its collar, the Martingale has a limited slip choker action, however it is attractive and a wonderful tool for training, it's also great for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks and are prone to slipping out of regular collars. Mutt Stuff makes martingale collars in many sizes ranging from 3/4th of an inch wide to 1.5 inches wide. 

Bow ties

Dog collar bow ties are a great way to set your pup apart from the pack. Bow ties provide a simple yet elegant way to accentuate your dogs style and personality. All Mutt Stuff bow tie are made with interfacing for stability and have two elastic straps which easily allow you to add the bowtie to your current collar or to remove it. 

Collar Flowers

Dog collar flowers are a great way to add that feminine pop to your dogs collar. Each flower is made using cotton fabric, felt, double sided velco, and a button. All Mutt Stuff collar flowers easily attach to any collar, martingale, or harness using a double sided piece of velco. 


Leashes come in 3  styles; solid nylon,  fabric handle with nylon base, or a quick clip leash. 

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You can also create your own collar by choosing one of dozens of fabrics. 

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