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Rescue of the Month 

Mutt Stuff gives back to the community by holding rescue fundraisers and donating a portion of the sales to the rescue.  If your rescue is interested in a partnership please reach out.  


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Rescues Helped in 2020

Doxy by Proxy 

Rising Above Great Dane Funding and Rescue 

Carolina Adopt-a-bulls Rescue 

Abandoned Love Animal Rescue 

Johnston County Animal Protection League

Battle for the Bully 

Friends of Wake County Animal Center 

Rescues Helped in 2019 

January - Carolina Adopt-A-Bulls rescue 

February - Looking Glass Animal Rescue 

March -Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks Rescue

Rescues Mutt Stuff helped in 2018

January -  Lost Dog and Cat Rescue 

February- Medical care for Bo- senior rescued from Wake County Animal Center in Raleigh NC 

July- Friends of Wake County Animal Center 

August- Almost Home Dachshund Rescue and Ruff Dog Rescue GA 

September - Hope Animal Rescue

November - Available 

December Available

Rescues Mutt Stuff helped in 2017 

January - Carolina Adopt-A-Bulls 

February - Sugar Belle Foundation

 May -  Big Fluffy Dog Rescue 

June - Bullies 2 The Rescue

July- Live Like Roo Foundation  

November - Singing Dog Farm 

December - South of the Bully  

Rescues Mutt Stuff helped in 2016 

January - Friends of Wake County Animal Center 

May - Furbaby Rescue of North Carolina 


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